Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yay! It's Aniend's Bachelorette Partay!

Yesterday was a blast! We set up a bachelorette party for Aniend. It is Aniend's request to prepare her a bunny costume, hence, her wish is our command. :))

Red Lippies
Playing with baby Canza

Canza the paha ayam broiler :* (courtesy of @echaelsa )
Canza fell asleep. Zzz

Monday, January 14, 2013

Unexpectedly Nice

So I was stop by at a small cafe near my house called Ha Es Ef Kopitiam.
Came here in hopes of getting free wifi (:p), order one menu, Ice Cream on Toast & Caramel, and it surprisingly taste real good. Nyamm.

One Fine Saturday

One fine saturday with my Panda
Park inside Mall

lights lights lights

Can you see there's a group of reptil lovers there. Not me :\

And then when we went inside, we found our new fave shoe store, Wakai.
I love how they decorate the store.

Hi :p
How cute are those glasses

And that's just my Panda trying on some shoes :D